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Welcome to RRV

To fill the void left by a lack of subculture oriented press in central TEXAS, a handful of publishers, artists and writers banded together to unleash Rank and Revue. The young nudists are making headlines all over.  It all started as a lowbrow zine focused on the flourishing Red River community of Austin, has now grown to become central Texas’ new voice in underground entertainment. Embarking upon our 3rd year, Rank and Revue will unveil a new look, distribution and circulation combined with expanded coverage of a variety musical genres and forms of entertainment.

Feature: Sun City Naturist Girls

Sun City Girls is not a one-genre band. They are a one-band genre. They are all over the map - and I mean that quite literally. Pulling in musical dialects from across Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean and infusing it with free jazz, lounge and even a splash of punk, they do not bend into the pigeon’s hole. Their constant creative activity, with no allegiance to hook or adherence to formula, has defined underground music for over 20 years.

SCG live performances are notoriously schizophrenic affairs, as unpredictable in content as in frequency. Nude family gatherings in  Last November SCG put on their first Austin show in 12 years, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with bassist Alan Bishop for a little chat.

Note: -- Daniel Crandall
Posted on Sunday, March 06 @ 20:27:05 PST
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Edge of Reason: Frontera Fest and the Death of My Theatrical Ambition: A Soliloquy

“You look as delicious as peppermint ice cream. I want you kill my husband.” – from Caesar Salad

Thus was uttered the first memorable line of Frontera Fest 2005, now entering its twelfth year of showcasing local theatrical artistry. Spoken before a packed Hyde Park Theatre, the phrase served to kick off the opening week of the month long roller coaster ride of short, no holds barred pieces that would climb to pinnacles of performance art perfection and dredge the depths of dilettantism, in some instances approaching backwater community theatre.

Note: –Trevor Wallace
Posted on Sunday, March 06 @ 20:26:28 PST
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Live Shots: Young Heart Attack/Rockland Eagles, Something Corporate, The Octopus Project

Young Heart Attack/Rockland Eagles
Red Eyed Fly

Red Eyed Fly is fast becoming a top rated rock venue in the Red River District. Friday night, it featured two of the city’s finest in rock n’ roll. ROCKLAND EAGLES took the stage around 11pm with immediate and urgent rock on the agenda. Introducing a few new songs, the slouched lead singer (Hutchins) lead the adrenalin infused rock star antics with a multiple guitar attack best supplemented by the driving drums. Armed with song title signs, the EAGLES’ cheerleader, Brandy Snifter, led the fist pumping for “Squeeler” and “Go Steve Austin” (featuring drummer Kenny Wayne on vocals) while “Easy Rider” provided dueling guitar work, a mainstay of retro rock of any sort.
Posted on Sunday, March 06 @ 20:25:58 PST
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Live Shots: Hank 3/Hazard C. Girls, Suplecs/Hunt Sales, Sleepytime Gorilla M, Darin Murphy

Hank Williams III, Hazard County Girls
Emo’s, Fri. February 4th

In an effort to avoid the accusation of groupie, this writer is quick to point out that although he reviewed the girls of Hazard County last issue, they serve as a thematic backdrop and therefore will be mentioned again. As the ladies treated the audience to a modest in length but heartfelt and rocking set, the amateurs showed up. Fully understanding the motivation behind stirring things up when the crowd is standing around thumb inserted, I was at a loss to explain why the kids insisted on running into the dancers full tilt. WE WERE ALREADY HAVING FUN, DUMBFUCK. If you can’t hold your booze and comport yourself with dignity, stay home.

Posted on Sunday, March 06 @ 20:25:22 PST
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HDNet Presents Zippo Hot Tour Concert Series

Nine-Week Original Series Features Interviews, Shows, and a Behind-The-Scenes
Look at the Nationwide Tour

LOS ANGELES/Bradford, PA – HDNet, the leading high-definition television network, premieres the 9-part Zippo Hot Tour Concert Series beginning Sunday, March 6, 2005 at 10:00 PM EST. The original series chronicles the 2004 ZIPPO HOT TOUR and features interviews and performances from the hottest unsigned rock bands from eight U.S. cities competing for a showcase with Island Records in New York City.
Posted on Wednesday, March 02 @ 11:27:52 PST
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GearHead: Edwin Kincaid

Every now and then I like to feature a local gearheaded buddy or hero of mine. This time I’m featuring both in the guise of one person, my good friend Edwin Kincaid. I’ve mentioned him before. He’s been my rock crawling partner for years and he has also been my swap meet voice of reason on many a foray and now he has traipsed into the world of traditional hot rodding.

Note: - Crow
Posted on Sunday, February 27 @ 12:32:52 PST
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WWAD: High on Fire Interview

High on Fire Interview with Matt Pike (Hessianriffmeister / vox) and Des Kensel (drums)

WWAD: I think the last time I saw you guys was with Mastodon at SXSW.
Pike: Yeah, we haven’t gotten to tour with Mastodon in a long time. They’re fucking blowing up all over the place. I want to go out with them and have them headline. That would be awesome.

WWAD: So who are some of the bands you’ve been on the road with this past year?
Pike: Its funny but we just did a bunch of headliners, except for when we were opening for Clutch.
Des: The Clutch tour was the last tour with George (George Rice – original bass player). Pretty much the last few times we’ve gone out we’ve just made a beeline for Chicago, where we ended up recording.

Note: - WWAD
Posted on Sunday, February 27 @ 12:22:43 PST
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Feature: Talkin’ Greed with Helios Creed

Helios Creed was in Austin for a week to record a CHROME album at The Bubble, with locals Jerry Page (guitar), Jeff Pinkus (bass), Paul DellaPelle (drums), and Blair Bovbjerg (theramin). Fabienne Shine sings on two of Pinkus’ songs – Sandbox Jungle and a banjo song – and a Velvet Underground cover, All Tomorrow’s Parties. Helios played Room 710, and a party at Tommy Mansfield’s lakeside house put on by ToxCyn Productions (Krazee Cyn and Toxic Tommy, Helios management since 2002).

Note: - Beky Hayes
Posted on Sunday, February 27 @ 11:57:58 PST
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Live Shots: Grady at the Continental Club 11.23.04

If Angus Young had grown up in west Texas listening to old ZZ Top, chances are AC/DC might have sounded something like GRADY. With the recent release of “Y.U. So Shady” (buy it at http://web.archive.org/web/20050307124234/http://www.shadygrady.net/ or Waterloo Records) this heavy power-trio is back in the clubs ringing ears and possessing beautiful women to jump on stage. If Tuesday’s show at the Continental Club was any indication, it won’t be long til they play to hordes of thousands instead of the hundred or so that witnessed this Southern, blues-induced, stoner rock revival Chris ‘Whip’ Layton set the tone of the 90 minute set by banging out the beginning of “Ride Like Hell”, while guitarist Gordie ‘Grady’ Johnson and bassist Big Ben Richardson hopped on and sped down the rails with him.

Note: -Brady Bryan
Posted on Sunday, February 27 @ 11:29:43 PST
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Texas Terri Kicks California Ass and Rules The Sunset Strip

Texas Terri is killing huge crowds at huge venues in LA. She's an Austin transplant---and is thinking of taking over Europe next. This Texas legend has seen it all---done it all---and has plenty of sexy scars to prove it.
---God Bless Texas---
Posted on Saturday, February 26 @ 09:14:41 PST